Our specialties

Our specialty areas

In addition to standard services offered to individuals and commercial companies, we specialise in the following services:

  • A-la-Carte financial management (CFO)
  • Implementation in Switzerland
  • Real estate tax
  • Salary outsourcing

A-la-Carte financial management (CFO)

It has become important for businesses and entrepreneurs to be able to call upon the best advisers in their respective fields. Finance, in particular, is a key sector in which the leadership and skills of management have a major impact on the decisions taken and the firm’s strategy.

DYN provides, in a flexible way, its customers with its experience and expertise as CFO. This à-la-carte financial management allows the use of a CFO corresponding to your needs.

Whether this is a temporary assignment, a project requiring additional qualified resources or a long-term solution, the customer is supported in his strategy and development.

The CFO is generally in charge of the group’s financial management. He optimises the management and use of capital sources with the objective of profitability and risk control.

He notably prepares the budgets and monitors their implementation, provides profitability and financial risk management simulations to aid decisions on major investment projects and puts into perspective the business’s main equilibriums.

DYN partners have acquired wide experience in financial management with Swiss firms and international companies. They will be in a position to advise businesses and entrepreneurs on the following tasks:

  • Monitoring on a daily basis the firm’s finance department
  • Monitoring and promoting relations with banks/insurance companies
  • Implementing strategies relating to finance
  • Establishing a risk and internal control system
  • Drawing up budgets and control management
  • Drawing up financial analyses of investments and projects
  • Organising and developing processes and procedures
  • Due diligence and sundry analyses

Of course, the field of action of DYN experts is not limited to these simple tasks. Each firm is unique and must be fully understood so that the customer’s current and future needs may be met as closely as possible.

Implementation in Switzerland

Switzerland is an extremely attractive country for businesses. Its low taxation, flexible labour law, stable legislation, highly educated population and location allow it to be very competitive and very attractive for international companies.

We are able to assist and advise you in all the following areas:

  • Choice of the structure and founding of a company or partnership
  • Optimised tax savings and negotiation of tax rulings
  • Search for premises
  • Search and hiring of staff, and applications for permits for employees
  • Advice and affiliations in matters of insurance
  • Salary processing
  • Outsourcing of accounting
  • Representation, placing an administrator or director at disposal

In an international tax context that is increasingly strained, Switzerland is the first country to decide on a full overview of its taxes. Thus, the third reform of corporate taxation, the so-called RIE III, announced to come into effect in 2019, provides for a drastic decrease in tax rates and favourable tax measures.

For instance, a tax is planned on corporate profit of less than 14% in Geneva and Lausanne.

Real estate tax

The partial or total holding of a real estate property always brings with it a batch of questions and interrogations.

Indeed, whether it is question of real estate development, sales of real estate properties or transfers of real estate properties for a consideration or free of charge, real estate taxation tends to be complex due to the many taxes that may be levied on different transactions.

  • Profit tax
  • Income tax
  • Real estate gains
  • Transfer tax
  • VAT
  • Taxes on successions and donations

DYN has thus specialised in optimised tax savings in real estate development, providing assistance with accounting during real estate development, and advice on taxes and assets for the final beneficial owners, based on the form of the structure to be implemented.

Moreover, in collaboration with our partners, we are able to advise you on all related activities, such as:

  • the negotiation of construction loans
  • advice and monitoring of notarial deeds
  • Insurance portfolio management
  • real estate valuation
  • brokerage and selling

Each canton in Switzerland has developed its own laws and practices. Consequently, real estate professionals and real estate owners are prisoners of a straightjacket of complex taxes.

Thanks to our wide experience in the field, we are able to advise you throughout the whole of Switzerland.